The People

Matthew Beason

Matthew Beason is a Durham native who has over a decade of experience working in Triangle restaurants. He is the former co-owner of Pop’s and Rue Cler, and former general manager of Nana’s. Beason’s love for food and, specifically wine, began before he knew he could make a career out of it, when he began wine clubs in college. Every wine lover has their first love; the experience that changed everything. For Beason, it happened with close friends at Paris’s Arpege, a Michelin three-star restaurant. The bottle was a 1995 JL Chave Hermitage Blanc. He’ll never forget it. Suddenly, he saw wine for what it could be: something that could make a dish taste perfect. Something that could change scents four times over the course of the bottle. You can find Matthew behind the bar at Six Plates, well… almost all the time.

John Eisensmith

John comes to us from Pennsylvania. He grew up loving food and decided the best path for himself was to learn as much as he could about it. The likely next step was to attend the most prestigious culinary school in the country, CIA. Since graduating from CIA, he has spent time honing his craft in both Miami and Nantucket.  He began at Six Plates in March of 2010 and has wowed people ever since.