15 Nov. 2014 Menu Update

Small Plates & Wine Pairings
frisée salad
persimmon vinaigrette | point reyes blue cheese | crispy shallots | orange supremes | cinnamon pecans | 7.95

Pedra Cancela  Vinho Branco  Dão, Portugal   7.00

Delicious Portuguese white.  Gorgeous golden color, medium bodied with a bit of creaminess on the palate, and a clean, bright finish.  Look for a bit of citrus and minerality.



polenta wrapped scallops
corona bean ragout | smoked mushrooms | endive  | escarole | tomato-balsamic jam | 9.95

Benaza Godello   Verin, Spain   8.00

Grown in a region just north of portugal, you really get the maritime influence on this wine. clean salty minerality, with round floral notes and a long finish.



p.e.i. mussels

roasted butternut squash | sage | chorizo | shitakes | cream| crostad | 8.95



Otto’s Constant Dream  Sauvignon  Marlborough, NZ     8.50

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen:  the NZ SB you’ve been waiting for.  Crisp citrus and acidity, with a bit less minerality than a Loire SB.  A bit of fresh pepperiness on the finish.  None of that cloying stank you worried about.


pork shank risotto

parsnips | smoked gouda | english peas | orange honey | crispy shallots | 10.95

Dona Ermelinda Tinto  Palmela, Portugal    8.00

Dried and ripe cherries on the nose, with a little bit of that magic marker funk. On the palate, I love how elegant and powerful this wine is. Medium acid, strong tannins, and a lengthy finish.



polenta spread | farmhand foods spicy italian sausage | cranberries | grana padana | crispy shallots | 8.95

G.D. Vajra   Rosso   Langhe, Italy    8.50

this is aldo vajra’s kitchen sink wine.  the great thing about aldo is if he makes something, he makes it great! dolcetto, barbera, nebbiolo and the famous freisa in this one.  bright acidity and fresh fruit make this a wine to sip and sip and sip…


six plates cheese plate
sliced apple | honey | fruit compote | mixed nuts | crostini | 11.95

Iche Minervois “Les Heretiques”   Languedoc, France    7.50

A southern french blend consisting of carignan and syrah.  Medium to full body with that spicy rich flavor that we equate with the rhone wines.


firsthand foods beef sliders OR house made black bean sliders fig ketchup | pork pâté | red dragon … 8.95
truffle frites – truffle oil | house made ketchup | parmesan … 6.95
sweet potato arancini with smoked gouda … 5.95

six plates lamby joes … 8.95
olive plate … 3.95

sweet potato bread pudding
granny smith apples | cranberries | ginger crème anglaise | spiced pumpkin seeds | chocolate tuille | 5.95
Domaine Chiroulet  Floc de Gascogne  Gascony, France  6.00

A French aperitif made from Armagnac and unfermented grape juice.  Think bright pineapple and lemon with a subtle nuttiness.  The sweetness is balanced by a refreshing acidity, making this dangerously delicious.



flight of local yogurt and house made sorbet - choose a total of three flavors | ask for flavor choices |  3.95

chocolate truffles – blackberry lavender | pink peppercorn and sea salt | popping truffle <3 | $2 per piece

toasted honey white chocolate marshmallow | $1.50 per piece

some of our local partners (every ingredient italicized on our menu is local):


four leaf farm | greens | rougemont

elodie farms | goat cheese | greens | rougemont

everlaughter farm | greens | produce | hillsborough
thomsonranch | produce | durham

melvin’s gardens | eggs | produce | rocky ford

rainbow farms | lamb | chorizo | poulet rouge | snow hill
mattie b’s public house | flatbread dough | durham

firsthand foods | sausage and beef | durham

counter culture | coffee | durham


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