menu update 10.30.14

Small Plates & Wine Pairings

frisée salad
persimmon vinaigrette | point reyes blue cheese | crispy shallots | grapefruit supremes | cinnamon pecans | 7.95

Anton Bauer  Rosé  Wagram, Austria    8.00
Made from equal parts Zweigelt, Syrah, and Merlot, this lush rosé has notes of strawberry and summer.  Fruity without being sweet, it has a lovely minerality and acidity on the finish.  Drink and be happy.

polenta wrapped scallops
corona bean ragout | smoked mushrooms | endive  | escarole | tomato-balsamic jam | 9.95

Bidoli Friulano   Friuli, Italy  6.50
They used to call this grape tocai, the italians decided that wasn’t ok and that they
wanted to confuse us some more. slightly creamy with herbal and floral notes on the nose.

p.e.i. mussels
roasted butternut squash | sage | chorizo | shitakes | cream| crostad | 8.95

Dom de la Charmoise   Sauvignon   Touraine, France    8.50
Sauvignon Blanc has fallen a bit out of fashion, and perhaps for good reason. It’s nice to come across a sb that shows we shouldn’t forget about this noble grape. Rich minerality, clean pithy citrus, and a long finish.

grilled bavette steak
pumpkin-rosemary fritter | kalamata chevre | kale | onion | rosemary demi | 10.95

Vallevó   Montepulciano d’Abruzzo   Abruzzo, Italy   7.50
very traditional montepulciano with great acid and balance.  this is a perfect example of montepulciano at a perfect price.

polenta spread | farmhand foods spicy italian sausage | cranberries | grana padana | 8.95

Aletta   Garnacha   Campo De Borja, Spain   6.50
old vine Garnacha with no oak. it is aromatically rich, with fun fruit and a soft lingering finish.  think cloves and fresh cherry preserves.

six plates cheese plate
sliced apple | honey | fruit compote | mixed nuts | crostini | 11.95

Elements  Cabernet Sauvignon Blend   Sonoma County, CA   8.50
This is something really cool coming from Cali. To me, this wine has more in common with Rioja or Super Tuscans than typical cabernet blends. Only a touch of new oak with lots of subtle fruit and earthiness.

firsthand foods beef sliders OR house made black bean sliders fig ketchup | pork pâté | red dragon … 8.95
truffle frites – truffle oil | house made ketchup | parmesan … 6.95
sweet potato arancini with smoked gouda … 5.95

six plates lamby joes … 8.95
olive plate … 3.95

apple spice cake
krupnikas caramel | lemon cream cheese ice cream | almond filo crisp | 5.95

Raymond Ragnard  Pineau des Charentes  Charente, France  8.00
Though the Parisians may claim it’s fallen out of fashion, this sweet yet balanced aperitif is made from 1 part Cognac and 3 parts unfermented grape juice.  It has a dark golden color, an enticing nuttiness, and flavors of apricot and vanilla.

flight of local yogurt and house made sorbet - choose a total of three flavors | ask for flavor choices |  3.95

chocolate truffles – blackberry lavender | pink peppercorn and sea salt | popping truffle <3 | $2 per piece

toasted honey white chocolate marshmallow | $1.50 per piece

some of our local partners (every ingredient italicized on our menu is local):

four leaf farm | greens | rougemont

elodie farms | goat cheese | greens | rougemont

everlaughter farm | greens | produce | hillsborough

thomsonranch | produce | durham

melvin’s gardens | eggs | produce | rocky ford

rainbow farms | lamb | chorizo | poulet rouge | snow hill

mattie b’s public house | flatbread dough | durham

firsthand foods | sausage and beef | durham

counter culture | coffee | durham

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