Menu Update 10-2-15

bites Classics

Sliders served with BBQ Chips  Firsthand Foods Beef or Housemade Black Bean –
habanero cheddar, pickled peaches, basil leaf, chipotle aioli …9

Lamby Joes

ground lamb and chorizo sloppy joes with cranberry red wine jam …10

Six Plates Cheese Plate

apple, honey, fruit compote, spiced mixed nuts, crostini …12

Southern Mezze Plate

smoked pimento cheese, white bean purée, apricot pepper jelly, fresh baguette …6

extra baguette …2

Truffle Frites

truffle oil, housemade ketchup, parmesan …7

half order …4


Peach Mint Foam

diced peaches, blueberries, salted cayenne caramel popcorn, blueberry lavender sauce …6

Chocolate Truffles

hand dipped blackberry lavender,
pink peppercorn & sea salt,
sriracha peanut butter …2 for 3.5

Frozen Flight
pick 3 flavors of yogurt & sorbet

cake batter, cherry, chocolate, espresso, orange-persimmon, original, peanut butter, salted caramel-pretzel, strawberry-orange, watermelon-gin,

watermelon-quince …4

Chocolate-Chipotle Marshmallow with cherry coulis …1.5

Counter Culture Coffee
French Press

Chicken Liver Mousse with
Crostini …7Sweet Potato Arancini with
Smoked Gouda …6
Olive Plate …4

Spiced Mixed Nuts …4

BBQ Chips …1.5 / 3

Weekend Special
Six Plates Mac and Cheese

braised oxtail, red russian kale, pecorino bechamel, english peas, while balsamic reduction …12


Fonatanvecchis Aglianico Campania, IT

Single vineyard vigna cataratte from one of my favorite everyday producers. let me say this is not everyday wine. …13

the six plates                                The Wines
Mixed Greens Salad

sweet potato chips, toasted cashews, pineapple, red curry vinaigrette,

basil …8

Yalumba Viognier Angoston, AU

A touch of nice fruit with some tropical notes and honey. Stainless steel makes this clean and delish …7

Seared Sockeye Salmon

grilled jasmine rice cake, criminis, chanterelles, snap peas, red onion, orange-thyme aioli …10

Pala Vermentino Sardegna, IT

Fresh fruit and oceanic salinity. Rock fruit and just a touch of sweet.  Not enough to offend …10

PEI Mussels

smoked tomato cream, bacon,
scallions, serrano pepper, basil, grilled baguette …9

Dr. Pauly Riesling Mosel, DE

Not bone dry and not sweet. gorgeous lacy acidity with honeysuckle and a touch of candied peaches. You should be excited about this wine …9


butternut puree, pear, campo del montalban, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, lemon sage syrup …9


Zolo Signature Red Blend Mendoza, AR

Bright red fruit and cherries on the nose. Slightly dusty and full flavored palate …7

Sous Vide Pork Belly

corn crema, mini cheddar-jalapeño biscuits, heirloom tomatoes, pickled red onion, fire roasted peppers,
chile-demi gastrique …12

Eric Bordelet Sidre Normandy, FR

Traditional Normandy cidre – soft, round fruit, a hint of smoke and a touch of earth.  Delicate and elegant, this is why we love cider …9

Fancy Joes

ground lamb and chorizo sloppy joes with taleggio, chipotle aioli,
pickled red onion …11

Massiac Minervois Languedoc, FR

A southern French blend consisting of Carignan and Syrah.  Medium-to-full body with that spicy rich flavor that we equate with the Rhone wines …8