menu update 10.18.14

Small Plates & Wine Pairings

mixed greens salad
green and red leaf lettuce | pear orange balsamic vin | fire roasted peppers | rosé pears | spiced chickpeas | pecorino toscano | 7.95

Ferraton  Père & Fils  Côtes du Rhône, France  7.00
White CDR. It lacks the reputation of it’s red older brother, but that doesn’t mean the wine isn’t worth paying attention to. This wine is rich with poised acidity.

pan-seared corvina
sweet potato-thyme biscuit | apple | cremini mushrooms | basil | shallot | lemon foam | thyme-honey | 9.95

Abadia de la Oliva Garnacha Blanca  Tres Riberas, Spain    7.50
Herbaceous, nutty, and rich with subtle candy apple and a long finish. there aren’t a lot of wines to compare this to, but it is so delicious with food!

p.e.i. mussels
roasted butternut squash | sage | chorizo | shitakes | cream| crostad | 8.95

I Pastini ‘Antico’ Bianco  Puglia, Italy    8.00
Light and crispy with a touch of lemon zest and a bit of salinity.    A hint of flowers on the finish, and perhaps some peaches on the nose.  This wine makes me want to sit by the beach in early fall when there’s a chill in the air.

grilled bavette steak
pumpkin-rosemary fritter | kalamata chevre | kale | onion | rosemary demi | 10.95

Trabanco Cidre Cosecha Propia  Asturias, Spain    7.00
I really consider this a great “gateway cider” for wine drinkers who like a lot of earth in their beverages. Tart acidity, a little smoke, and funky food friendliness.  Don’t be scared.  This is Basque cider.

roasted spaghetti squash | roasted garlic | pheta |  mozzarella | oregano vinaigrette | shaved brussel sprouts | toasted almonds | 8.95

Coppaia Toscana   Tuscany, Italy   7.00
Classic medium bodied italian red.  Bold and bright with a hint of green pepper spiciness.  This reminds me of wearing a sweater on a crisp fall day with bright sunshine, a cool breeze, and a bonfire off in the distance.

six plates cheese plate
sliced apple | honey | fruit compote | mixed nuts | crostini | 11.95

Redheads Studio “Yard Dog”  South Eastern Australia  8.00
A blend of mostly Cab Sauv that has all the boldness of an Aussie red with finesse and food friendliness.

firsthand foods beef sliders OR house made black bean sliders – smoked cheddar | lettuce | pumpkin sour cream … 8.95
truffle frites – truffle oil | house made ketchup | parmesan … 6.95
sweet potato arancini with smoked gouda … 5.95

six plates lamby joes … 8.95
olive plate … 3.95

apple spice cake
krupnikas caramel | lemon cream cheese ice cream |
almond filo crisp | 5.95

Camut Normand Pommeau   Calvados, France  2 oz … 8.00
Made of calvados and unfermented cider, typically Pommeau is served as an aperitif. But with its baked apple, smoke, licorice and toffee notes, in this case we have chosen it for a refreshing dessert. Not too sweet, I promise.

flight of local yogurt and house made sorbet - choose a total of three flavors | ask for flavor choices |  3.95

chocolate truffles – blackberry lavender | pink peppercorn and sea salt | popping truffle <3 | $2 per piece

toasted honey white chocolate marshmallow | $1.50 per piece

some of our local partners (every ingredient italicized on our menu is local):

four leaf farm | greens | rougemont

elodie farms | goat cheese | greens | rougemont

everlaughter farm | greens | produce | hillsborough

thomsonranch | produce | durham

melvin’s gardens | eggs | produce | rocky ford

rainbow farms | lamb | chorizo | poulet rouge | snow hill

mattie b’s public house | flatbread dough | durham

firsthand foods | sausage and beef | durham

counter culture | coffee | durham

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