menu update 8.31.2014

Small Plates & Wine Pairings
heirloom caprese salad
basil | marinated mozzarella | pickled red onion | grilled focaccia | frozen raspberry vinaigrette | 8.95

Leverano Rosato   Leverano, Italy   7.00

This is one of the most refreshing rose’s you’ll find.  This wine reminds us that simplicity, directness, and delight can sometimes speak louder than complexity.



grilled baby octopus
confit fingerling potatoes | piquillo peppers | basil | fennel-rosemary vinaigrette| baguette | 7.95

Dom de la Charmoise  Sauvignon  Touraine, France    8.50

Sauvignon Blanc has fallen a bit out of fashion, and perhaps for good reason. It’s nice to come across a sb that shows we shouldn’t forget about this noble grape. Rich minerality, clean pithy citrus, and a long finish.



grilled swordfish

pineapple salsa | basil | red pepper | cherry tomato | shitakes | bacon | lime-cayenne vinaigrette | roasted corn salad | 10.95



Castle Hill Cider   Celestial     Keswick, VA   8.00

If you have been wondering what all of the fuss about cider is about, here is your gateway sip. The acidity and complexity of wine with the easy drinking and bubbles of beer. And did I mention awesome with food?


grilled cabbage | tomato | piquillo pepper | mahon | chipotle aioli | red onion | cilantro | 8.95

Riebeek Cellars   Pinotage   Swartland, South Africa   7.00

Much of pinotage’s bad repuation is probably deserved, but this wine shows what great pinotage with proper vineyard care can do. Medium bodied with deep red fruit, ecalyptus, earth and a nice finish.



72 hour sous vide short rib
sweet onion puree | fried okra succotash | wild mushroom demi ragu | 10.95

Bodan Roan Pinot Noir  California   8.00

Tart fresh cherries with a little bit of tarry smoke on the finish. This is an excellent light-medium bodied pinot, especially at this price point.



six plates cheese plate
sliced apple | honey | fruit compote | mixed nuts | crostini | 11.95

Ala Nera   Nero d’Avola   Sicily, Italy   7.50

Bold, fruit driven (but not juicy), and tannic. If you like aussie shiraz, treat yourself to the signature Sicilian red grape



firsthand foods beef sliders – foie gras, truffle, and cheddar marshmallow … 8.95

house made black bean sliders – arugula, pickled red onion, beecher’s flagship cheddar … 8.95
truffle frites – truffle oil | house made ketchup | parmesan … 6.95
sweet potato arancini with smoked gouda … 5.95

six plates lamby joes … 8.95
olive plate … 3.95

blue cheese cheesecake
fig sorbet | rosé poached pears | walnuts | 5.95
Q. do Infantado  10 Year Tawny Port  Douro, Portugal   10.00

Chocolate.  Cinnamon.  Some dark red fruit, a little nuttiness, and notes of caramel.  Light to medium bodied, with bright acidity to balance the sweetness.



flight of local yogurt and house made sorbet - choose a total of three flavors | ask for flavor choices |  3.95

chocolate truffles-blackberry lavender or pink peppercorn and sea salt | $2 per piece

toasted honey white chocolate marshmallow | $1.50 per piece

some of our local partners (every ingredient italicized on our menu is local):


four leaf farm | greens | rougemont

elodie farms | goat cheese | greens | rougemont

everlaughter farm | greens | produce | hillsborough
thomsonranch | produce | durham

melvin’s gardens | eggs | produce | rocky ford

rainbow farms | lamb | chorizo | poulet rouge | snow hill
mattie b’s public house | flatbread dough | durham

firsthand foods | sausage and beef | durham

counter culture | coffee | durham



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